Via – BBC

We have just all lived through some of the most turbulent times in politics any of us can remember.

If the exit poll is correct, and Boris Johnson has secured a majority, then he will have the backing of MPs on the green benches behind him to take us out of the European Union next month.

A huge junction in our history – a moment that will redraw our place in the world.

But not just that – if correct, these numbers could mean five more years of a Conservative government – tipping across a decade.

After the fourth defeat for Labour in a row – after several years when they have moved further to the left – this is a serious and historic loss.

The SNP have increased their dominance in Scotland, clearing out Conservatives there in a way that leaves most of the country yellow, rather than blue.

And it is a failure for the Lib Dems to break through after a campaign that started with high hopes.

If these results are correct, this election has been won by a leader, Boris Johnson, who just a year ago was on the backbenches, with many of his own colleagues having written him off.

But it appears that his bid to hold Leave voters together and split the Remain vote has seen him safely into Downing Street.

But it is early. This is only the beginning of the night that will decide who has the power to make decisions that affect all of our lives.

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