Via – Washington Examiner

Donald Trump, Jr. ended a book event after his own supporters heckled him for not taking questions.

The president’s son and his girlfriend, former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, ventured to the University of California on Sunday to promote his book Triggered when attendees became angry that the couple would not hold a Q&A segment.

Twenty minutes into the 2-hour event, audience members drowned out Trump Jr. as their “USA” chants quickly turning into “Q&A” chants. Their reaction came after the 450-person crowd was told “time constraints” made taking questions impossible.

Trump Jr. attempted to argue that holding a Q&A session would provide left-wingers on social media with soundbites to distort.

“I’m willing to listen …” he began.

“Q&A! Q&A!” the audience yelled back.

“We’ll go into the lion’s den and talk …” he tried again.

“Then open the Q&A!” the crowd responded.

Guilfoyle then stepped in to say, “You’re not making your parents proud by being rude and disruptive.”

However, there was no acquiescing the audience, and the pair soon exited the stage.

The debacle highlights a divide in President Trump’s student supporters, with one side including student-aged activist “zoomers” and the other encompassing “far-right activists.” Among those in the Sunday crowd were supporters of Nick Fuentes, a 21-year-old activist who hosts the podcast America First and has fired shots at Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.

Two Fuentes supporters told the Guardian they worry the pro-Trump movement is being infiltrated by “fake conservatism” and that Trump is “at the mercy of a cabal of deep state operatives who wouldn’t let him do many of the things he campaigned on.” The pair, who identified themselves as Joe and Orion Miles, were delighted by the outcome of Trump Jr.’s event.

“It was an absolute disaster for them,” they said. “We wanted to ask questions about immigration and about Christianity, but they didn’t want to face those questions.”

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