Via – Mirror Online UK

Originally trained by the Soviet Union in Russia, the aquatic squadron of mammalian ‘mercenaries’ could still be alive and ready to harpoon frogmen in the Persian Gulf.

Iran has a fleet of dolphins specially trained to attack enemy ships in Kamikaze-style suicide missions, it has been reported.

The military marine mammals were also trained to kill enemy frogmen – military scubadivers – with harpoons strapped onto their heads.

Originally trained by the Soviet Union in Russia, the dolphins are said to have been purchased by the Islamic Republic in the year 2000.

The underwater troops were said to be able to tell the difference between between Russian and American submarines by the sound of their underwater propulsion systems.

They were then trained to swim at the enemy ships with explosive sea mines strapped to them, blowing holes in their hulls.

The transfer of ownership to Iran came about when funding for the Russian project ran out and the dolphins’ trainer, Boris Zhurid, took them on himself.

The highly-trained killers were forced to perform for tourists in a dolphinarium but Zhurid eventually ran out of money and food when the harsh winter months turned the paying public away.

Desperate not to see his beloved aquatic squadron suffer, he sold them to Iran.

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