Via – The Daily Star

Tensions between the US and China have flared up again recently with Taiwan now carrying out missile tests in order to prepare for a possible invasion of its island.

Taiwan has fired missiles off its coastline as it boosts the island’s defense against the increasingly aggressive China.

The test is understood to have taken place off the coast of the easterly Taitung county and at the Jiupeng military base in the southernmost county of Pinging on Thursday.

Taiwan is an island of the south-east coast of China which is independent from the superpower.

Taiwan’s defense ministry said it was part of a four-day missile test and other weapons would follow a similar drill in the coming days.

But, it did not reveal what missiles were tested or whether future tests would be carried out between Friday and Tuesday.

The developer of the missiles, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, also declined to name the missiles, saying the test was in line with the defence ministry’s plan to develop the island’s own weapons.

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