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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recited a litany of successes in his state-of-the-nation address Sunday, arguing that “the last ten years were the most successful ten years in Hungary’s last 100 years.”

“With due modesty,” Mr. Orbán declared to the crowd at Budapest’s Várkert Bazár, “we figured out what to do and we did it,” citing an average 2.8 percent annual GDP growth rate since 2010 and an average of 3.4 percent since 2013.

According to economic reports released in Brussels this week, Mr. Orbán noted, “in 2019 the Hungarian economy registered the highest growth rate on the whole continent.”

Hungary has maintained steady growth while keeping wealth inequality at a moderate level by European standards, he said, noting that Hungary’s broader society has benefited from the country’s growth.

The Prime Minister said that even the country’s more vulnerable demographic groups such as young people, workers over 50, mothers, and low-skilled workers have all been able to find jobs, and that wages had increased significantly.

Referring to the early payoff of loans, Orbán said his administration had “sent the IMF home” while managing to create 850,000 jobs, put the country’s finances in order, and move toward “a reunification of the nation.”

The Prime Minister also made reference to new alliances with neighbouring Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, while also insisting that “our nation knows that Hungary comes first.”

“History has again given central European peoples a chance to build a new alliance based on their own national interests, allowing us to defend ourselves against threats from both the east and the west,” Mr. Orbán said.

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