Via – Toronto Sun

Even with the most seats Monday, the results are nothing short of a loss for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Like most pundits, I predicted in 2015 that Trudeau would be at least a two-term prime minister and would win a second majority.

He failed to do that.

After winning 184 seats four years ago, Trudeau is now in minority territory. The man who was welcomed by the world’s elites as he proclaimed Canada is back has been shown the back of the hand by the majority of Canadian voters.

In the dying days of the election, Trudeau was running ads saying that the Conservatives wanted to make the election about him. No, Trudeau wanted to make the election about him.

The entire government, the entire Liberal Party has become all about Justin Trudeau. It’s not a political party anymore, it’s a movement as Trudeau calls it or a cult as his detractors call it. Most Canadians it seems, don’t want to join a cult.

In Quebec, where the Liberals had hoped to win more seats and save their majority status, voters turned overwhelmingly to the Bloc Quebecois. It’s one of the stains of Trudeau’s record that separatism is on the rise again. The Bloc were left for dead and just 10 months ago didn’t even have a leader.

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