Via – The Hill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) laid the blame for the deadly violence at the U.S. Capitol squarely at President Trump‘s feet late Tuesday, telling MSNBC that the president could be an accessory to murder.

In an interview with Joy Reid, the House leader indicated that she thought the rioting by Trump’s supporters that overtook the building on Jan. 6 was directly inspired and incited by the president.

“[The] president’s words are important, they weigh a ton. And if you’re Donald Trump talking to these people, they believe it and they used his words to come here,” Pelosi said.

“When we talk about ‘did any of our colleagues collaborate?’” she continued. “Well, that remains to be seen. We have to get the evidence of that. And if they did, they would be accessory to the crime. And the crime, in some cases, was murder.”

“And this president is an accessory to that crime because he instigated that insurrection that caused those deaths and this destruction,” she added.

Five people died as a result of the violence as a joint session of Congress was meeting to certify the 2020 presidential election results, including one Capitol Police officer. A second officer who responded to the scene died days later.

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