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In a sign of things to come from the blacklisters in the corporate media, New York Times’ tech writer Kevin Roose attacked Facebook for allowing stories that are 100 percent accurate to rise to “the 10 most-engaged URLs on the platform over the last 24 hours.”

“Facebook is absolutely teeming with right-wing misinformation right now. These are all among the 10 most-engaged URLs on the platform over the last 24 hours,” the far-left propagandist tweeted from his verified account on Monday.

He linked four stories. Here they are:

The Daily Wire: “Republican In Michigan Goes From Loser To Winner After ‘Technical Glitch’ Fixed. Officials Urge ‘Confidence’ In System”

Breitbart News: “AG William Barr Authorizes DOJ to Look Into Voting Irregularities”

Boningo,com: “Michigan Legislature Holds Rare Emergency Session to Investigate Election Irregularities”

Breitbart News: “Perdue, Loeffler Call on Georgia Sec of State to Resign over Election”

All four of those stories are news stories.

All four of those stores are reporting on events that actually happened.

All four of those stories are informing readers of what is going on.

A Republican in Michigan did win an election after a glitch was found. That’s a fact. That happened.

Attorney General Barr did authorize his staff to look at voting irregularities. That’s a fact. That happened.

The Michigan legislature did hold an emergency session about election irregularities. That’s a fact. That happened.

Both of Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senate candidates — Loeffler and Perdue — did call on Georgia’s secretary of state to resign. That’s a fact. That happened.

And this shameless liar at the Times is smearing the accurate reporting of news as “misinformation” because, why…?

He probably doesn’t like the fact that the shitty, disgraced New York Times can’t hit the top ten. And he certainly doesn’t like the fact that those of us who report the news accurately are covering actual events he’d prefer to see covered up and hidden from the public.

How do we know this? Because in follow up tweets, he all but admitted it…

Eleven hours after lying about 100 percent accurate stories being “misinformation,” Roose fired off a series of tweets admitting that he’s not mad because the stories are inaccurate, he’s mad because we covered stories that are accurate.

“For the conservatives who are mad about this: yes, it is possible for a story to be factually accurate *and* for it to be part of a misinformation campaign aimed at undermining confidence in an election,” he tweeted.

“The people at Breitbart might not personally believe that the election was stolen. But they’re egging on the president, and feeding a hyperpartisan ecosystem that is telling millions of people that it was stolen, because it’s good for engagement,” a second tweet read.

“We need a better word than ‘misinformation’ to distinguish between totally false stories and true stories that are published in service of an attempt to mislead people. But nobody who studies this stuff is confused by what’s happening,” his next tweet read.

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