Via – The Gateway Pundit

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change and Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante have stormed the island which once belonged to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The duo report that they had trouble finding a ship captain that would take them to Little Saint James island, but did eventually make it.


“Still can’t believe what me and berwickjeff we were able to pull off at Jeffrey Epstein’s island. So far we are safe and sound, editing the video right now stay tuned,” Rudkowski tweeted before releasing the video.

Rudkowski documented much of the strange art and buildings on the island, but did not report finding any evidence of Epstein’s crimes. One weird thing that they noticed was that the door of the infamous blue and white temple is actually just painted on.

“We traversed a large part of the island, but we didn’t get to see everything,” Rudkowski says in the video. “We kind of stayed out the fray. I was always looking, always paranoid, but we thought no one was there — because there were no signs.”

However, he later realized that the grass and pools were well taken care of, and believes that there must be people on the island.

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