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Via – Life News

40 Days for Life vigils are just beginning–and a baby has already been saved from abortion!

Maria in Toronto reports that she has been broadcasting 40 Days for Life videos over her church’s live stream channel. An expectant mom saw one of the videos and contacted Maria for help.

“[She] wanted to keep her child…but her partner did not agree,” Maria said. “She reached out for us to pray for this situation.”

Those prayers were quickly answered. When the expectant mother thought she was arriving at the abortion facility…it turns out she had mistakenly booked a visit with a pro-life doctor!

The woman chose life and has been referred to a pro-life maternity home where she’ll be safe from those pressuring her to abort. She is considering adoption.

Nearly 100 people showed up to kick off the 40 Days for Life vigil in Tucson.

Cynthia, the featured speaker, inspired attendees with stories of lives saved from abortion through sidewalk outreach, while Catholic and Protestant pastors led the rally in prayer.

“Coming together from many faiths for one cause [raised] awareness that lives can be saved when we are praying at the sidewalk,” said Laura, the co-leader in Tucson. “We are not alone… The extra blessing was the many new friendships that developed before, during and after the kickoff.”

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